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ShopAssistant: "The Missing Golf Shop Tool"

By Jarrett Retz -November 15th, 2019

ShopAssistant utilizes third-party software tools to give golf shops the ability to set up shipment tracking for their customers. It seeks to improve the efficiency of a physical business process to a web application. At a glance it uses;

  • third-party emailing/messaging service
  • third-party OCR (document parsing) software
  • third-party shipment tracking service
  • third-party payment and metering service
  • React/Redux
  • Node
tracking details example and sign up for updates

It can centralize shipping/invoice information from many vendors, multiple carriers, and put it in one place. It enables a simple user-interface for golf shops to sign members up for email notifications, or create a public link displaying the latest shipment information. It also offers an opportunity for golf shop's the use their logo within email notifications.

You can visit the site for more information.

Example email displaying company information and shipping status