Quizlet App—Azure Hosting—AoM Podcast—Corey Schafer Tutorials

By Jarrett Retz -July 30th, 2019

1. Quizlet

I think most people remember Quizlet as the website that would come up whenever they Google'd their homework questions. That was certainly my first thought.

I hadn't used it in years, but I ended up downloading the app on my phone and have really enjoyed it. Normally, I would take notes down on a Google spreadsheet whenever I was trying to learn something technical. Now, I create flashcards, flashcard sets, folders, and download other people's sets.

It's a classic tool, but until now, I wasn't using it in the best way. If someone happened to read my post about learning, it's perfect for testing recall later in the day.

2. Azure Static Website Hosting

Azure is Microsoft's cloud computing platform and they have a heck of a free account and trial period offer, as well as, many free tutorials for learning how to work with their service.

I've enjoyed going through much of their documentation, and this particular tutorial is easy + fun.

4. AoM Podcast #527 - Fr. Richard Rohr on Father Wounds, Male Spirituality, and the Journey to the Second Half of Life

My brother recommended this podcast to me as something he was particularly excited about.

"How does the way men experience spirituality differ from the way women engage it? What obstacles particularly keep men from experiencing greater meaning in their lives, and what paradigm shifts help them find it?"

Podcast description

I have since bought an older book of his, Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life and am highly anticipating it's arrival.

5. Corey Schafer's YouTube Channel & Tutorials

Corey Schafer creates programming and computer tutorials. I've watched his videos before and am currently watching his Django tutorials. They are fantastic, especially for people new to programming.

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