Maps of Meaning Lectures by Jordan Peterson

By Jarrett Retz -June 27th, 2017

“If what you’re doing isn’t working.. it’s where you haven’t gone that you need to go.”

“..if it didn’t push you to the limit you wouldn’t get anything valuable from it."

-Jordan PetersonMaps of Meaning Lecture Series

My brother suggested this series of lectures to me on YouTube, and they are unbelievably interesting. It is one of Jordan Peterson's psychology classes that he teaches at the University of Toronto. In the selected listening he is breaking down an idea (he usually explains archetypes and ideas that explain our behaviors and various aspects of our 'life story'), and I am a strong believer in the topic he is discussing in the selected link.

The talk is from his Maps of Meaning Lecture 4, starting at 1:32:20 and listen until 1:35:50.

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