Hike + Lunch: Spokane Labor Day Weekend

By Jarrett Retz -September 4th, 2018

Knothead Trail & Outlaw BBQ

Had enough time for a Labor Day hike out by Nine Mile Falls in Northwest Spokane. Knothead Trail was about a 30 minute drive from the South Hill and made for a perfect hike.

There is a longer hike that goes around the 'Knothead' called Knothead Valley loop (approx. 7 miles) and a short nature walk along the Little Spokane River (pictured in the distance below) for a very calm day. The trail had a clear path, getting steep in a few areas with rock stairs, and larger boulders appeared towards the top that provided an awesome environment.

The hike we did was about 3-4 miles and we gained 600-700 ft of elevation and the view was fantastic. We could see kayaks on the Little Spokane, and with all the sunshine, we had views up and down the valley.

We saw a few deer as we walked along the trail, there were signs at a few spots to help out, but a map (on the phone) helped when there were a couple of forks in the trail.

I'm not sure when there was a fire in that area but many of the trees towards the top, and a few sections in the middle, were burned (you can see some burned trees in the bottom portion of the picture below).

We parked on N River Park Lane, just past the bridge. There were only a few spots there, but it wasn't busy. I believe there is another parking lot on other end of Little Spokane Nature Trail

View looking SW from top of Knothead

On our way back, stopped at Outlaw BBQ on West Wellesley for lunch (and a No-Li Born & Raised). I ordered the Chopped Brisket sandwich with a potato salad side ($13, I'm pretty positive) and ate myself into an early afternoon nap.

They had T.Vs to watch college football. We sat in the bar but they had booths and tables as well. The place had a nice theme going (the header picture of Clint Eastwood was taken at Outlaw BBQ).

Chopped Brisket Sandwich.

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