Posts that involve the Python programming language.

Python & the Walrus Operator

I was trying to use list comprehension in a Python script, but I was having trouble with reassigning a variable inside the expression. In researching my issue, I came across "the walrus operator". The operator is in Python 3.8 but has only a few common use cases.

Ordinary Least Squares Regression: U.S COVID-19 Deaths, Cases, and US Equities

During analysis, an ordinary least squares linear regression model explained 55.7% (Adj. R-squared) of the variation in the Boeing (BA) equity price using the 7-day rolling average for U.S COVID-19 deaths. This predictor was found to be statistically significant with a p-value close to zero.

Clustering Seattle Neighborhoods For Business Location (Coursera Project)

I recently finished a specialization on Coursera called IBM Data Science Professional Certificate. The final class was the Applied Data Science Capstone in which I had to complete the project using the Foursquare API, geospatial data, and many modules that I had worked with in previous labs.

Using Python to Automate Task as Assistant Golf Pro with Openpyxl Module

Two months into the season and the scorecards were now a healthy stack. I walked past Charlie’s office and he stopped me. I leaned partially on the doorframe of his office. Casually, but with a serious tone, he asked, “Do you still think that we’ll be able to use your program?”. “Absolutely”