Simple and Cheap Automatic Shipment Tracking

September 0, 2019

On my journey for my next Azure certification, I explored Azure EventGrid. For those that aren’t acquainted, a description follows; The service can be used for many different tasks, and it appears that it is more typically used to track changes to VMs or changes to a database.

Nuance in Classification Model Evaluation with Daily Mood Data

July 3, 2019

I was doing a practice analysis with some personal data when I found myself digging deeper into the use of binary classification evaluator methods with multi-label data. My purpose, when I began to perform the analysis, was to see if there were any patterns in how I spent my days in comparison to

Clustering Seattle Neighborhoods For Business Location (Coursera Project)

July 5, 2019

I recently finished a specialization on Coursera called IBM Data Science Professional Certificate. The final class was the Applied Data Science Capstone in which I had to complete the project using the Foursquare API, geospatial data, and many modules that I had worked with in previous labs.

Simple System to Process Invoices Using Docparser, Google Sheets, and Google Script Editor

June 1, 2019

In this post the reader will find information on how I use(d) Docparser, Google Sheets, Formulas, and simple Google Scripts to create a functional software system for an accounts payable process. I learned how to use the Docparser software, which lead me into learning how to use

Using Python to Automate Task as Assistant Golf Pro with Openpyxl Module

June 0, 2019

Two months into the season and the scorecards were now a healthy stack. I walked past Charlie’s office and he stopped me. I leaned partially on the doorframe of his office. Casually, but with a serious tone, he asked, “Do you still think that we’ll be able to use your program?”. “Absolutely”