Semantizing: Semantic Versioning, Releases, and Github

July 4, 2021

Professional API workflows use versioning. However, this is not specific to APIs. Version control is a core principle in software engineering and is found wherever software is.

Custom React Hook Example

July 2, 2021

I remember first learning about React hooks with the release of version 16.8.0. I thought they were wonderfully helpful, and I can count on one hand the times—since that moment—when I reverted to writing class components (instead of a functional component).

How to Access DynamoDB in FastAPI

July 5, 2021

This article is a short article on accessing DynamoDB from a FastAPI server. First, I'll talk a little about FastAPI, some libraries used to access DynamoDB, and then share the code that works for me at the moment.

JWT and Cookie Auth in FastAPI

July 5, 2021

In this article I provide context from other tutorials on the big picture. Discuss how these JWTs and cookies can work together for security. Share Python code for implementation in FastAPI. I leave out a few items. The function code for communicating with a database through FastAPI (instead

Updates to React Map Components and Sanity Schema

July 4, 2021

This brief article notes several changes made to code in previous articles that discussed rendering map data in and on the frontend with ReactJS. It covers changes to three different modules: Sanity schema, Preview component, Map serializer

Display Map Data with React and Mapbox

June 3, 2021

In my previous post, I created input and preview components for a GPX file to display track (hike) data on a map. I utilized Leaflet.js and Mapbox for the map display component. Now that I have the backend settled, I want to render this map on the frontend. Despite using Leaflet

Sanity GPX Input and Map Component

June 5, 2021

Last week I built a map in Python that displayed the GPS coordinates from a GPX file on a map inside a Jupyter Notebook. I got the GPX file from an app, Maps3D that I use when hiking. I thought this was pretty cool because the file included lat/long, time, and altitude data. I thought, wow, I want

Mapping GPX File Data with Python, Plotly, and Mapbox

June 6, 2021

I've used Maps3D for years now to help me plan and execute backpacking trips or day hikes. However, it wasn't until recently that I discovered the ability to send myself the GPX files from recorded tracks or planned tracks. This lets users share tracks (trails, routes, etc.), but it also

Gatsby Website Optimization

May 6, 2021

I was upset a couple of weeks ago when I ran the lighthouse test application in the Chrome DevTools and saw performance numbers in the 70s and 80s. The websites I tested were not big applications. I told myself; they should be damn near a 100.