Python FastAPI: Introduction

This article is the beginning of a series on how to use FastAPI to build an API with Python. Additionally, I'll attach some tools that help to design, develop, and manage the API. The API will use the OpenAPI specification to help with design, documentation, and testing.

Building a Python Package: First Release (6)

I wanted to publish a first release for the package but ran into problems after installing and importing the package. After running through a few more test alpha releases I was able to make a couple of adjustments and eventually install and use the package as intended. Additionally, I forgot

Building a Python Package: Pre-Release (5)

In this post, I want to go through using Python's test package index and then deploying a pre-release version to the actual Python index. First, I changed the version. The development release was discouraged, so I am going with an alpha pre-release.

Building a Python Package: Developing Locally (4)

For the fourth installment in the series, I wanted to work on developing the module locally. The library now has a few modules and is capable of sending HTTP requests. This turned out to be more work than I expected. Additionally, I don't have the workflow quite right. Regardless, I was able to get

Building a Python Package: Virtual Environment (3)

I've started to write the core module for the BEA project. The package is an API client, so it's going to need to make HTTP requests. The most popular library in Python for this purpose is requests.

Inheritance with Python

Inheritance is a core principle in object-oriented programming. It allows us to reuse functionality or properties, across multiple classes. Therefore, it also reinforces the adage to "don't repeat yourself". In this article, we take a quick look at inheritance with Python.

Python's map, reduce, and filter Functions

In the last year, I have spent much more time writing Javascript than any other language. Javascript uses a lot of functional programming. That means that when you call a function, the return

Building a Python Package: First Steps (2)

Since we are looking to eventually publish the package on, I decided to start looking for a guide on publishing on the site. I quickly came across an FAQ page that had links to a packaging tutorial on the Python Packaging User Guide.

Building a Python Package: Introduction

It probably won't be a detailed how-to on what the package does (in terms of programming) because I am not sure how complicated that may be. However, it will cover the steps required to get a package in the Python index so you could download it for a later project.