Data, Identity, and the Future of the Internet

Now and again I'm inspired. I grab a note sheet and start writing things down, drawing lines, boxes, small notes, etc. Typically, the flame burns out and the enthusiasm becomes a memory. However, the last time this happened it was an idea about redesigning the internet. Bold: a very bold idea.

Django to Gatsby: My Website's Tech Progression

The very first website I built for myself was—actually—this business website. However, it wasn't with the same technologies that I use for my websites now. I wasn't paying much for the website in the first place, but I changed my stack, removed some complexity, and am pleased with what I am working

Best Resources for Learning Node.js?

I wrote an article recently that contained a small section on resources for learning Node.js. I have an emotional attachment to these resources because I can reminisce on my experience level when I was using them and think, "Wow, I knew so little".

Real Time Data with React and Node

The third-party "doing-something" with the file could take thirty-seconds or two minutes. This can be bad for the user experience. I also didn't want to put a refresh button that the user could hammer on the whole time they wait firing off untolds requests. I needed a way to let the

Headless CMS Integration

It's obvious that I post articles on the site sometimes because you're reading one right now! However, the editing experience was poor and I sometimes have the same content on my business site as well as my personal blog. I was rendering the content with a Django backend editor that was

ShopAssistant: "The Missing Golf Shop Tool"

ShopAssistant utilizes third-party software tools to give golf shops the ability to set up shipment tracking for their customers. It seeks to improve the efficiency of a physical business process to a web application. At a glance it uses; third-party emailing/messaging service, third-party OCR

Setting Security Headers For Web App: NGINX, Express, and React.

HTTP headers are wonderful little devices. They can help mitigate multiple kinds of attacks and can also be used for authentication. They can be set on the back-end by Express (in the response object), in the HTML on the front-end, or with web server software. I recently explored securing a

Simple and Cheap Automatic Shipment Tracking

On my journey for my next Azure certification, I explored Azure EventGrid. For those that aren’t acquainted, a description follows; The service can be used for many different tasks, and it appears that it is more typically used to track changes to VMs or changes to a database.

Nuance in Classification Model Evaluation with Daily Mood Data

I was doing a practice analysis with some personal data when I found myself digging deeper into the use of binary classification evaluator methods with multi-label data. My purpose, when I began to perform the analysis, was to see if there were any patterns in how I spent my days in comparison to

Clustering Seattle Neighborhoods For Business Location (Coursera Project)

I recently finished a specialization on Coursera called IBM Data Science Professional Certificate. The final class was the Applied Data Science Capstone in which I had to complete the project using the Foursquare API, geospatial data, and many modules that I had worked with in previous labs.